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golf just got crazy at the sidewinder

Golf is a good walk ruined, they say. But what if you think the walking part is the drag and want to get to the ‘19th hole’ as easily as possible? The Sidewinder has joined with Plonk to put mini-golf in its garden so you can have a pint while you play, for the first time in a Brighton pub. That’s not going to ruin anything – in fact it might be the best combination since Morrissey and Marr.

The nine holes have plonked down into the side garden of The Sidewinder. Much more fun than so-called proper golf, there are loops, hills, ball runs and daring drops, all with a drinks stand next to the hole so the golf doesn’t get in the way of the boozing. The course is covered, so rain doesn’t need to stop play. And the club house is second to none. 

The course is open every day, and tickets are just £4 per person, per round. Kids can play in the day, and there’s a free kids ticket for every participating adult. So come down and bang some balls about!