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tonight we're gonna party like it's 1976

Once, our ex-wife's aunt and uncle bought a house, which happened to be number 54 on a popular Brighton residential street. As part of the redecoration, the uncle guy (Paul) hand-painted a number 54 on the wall by the door, and it was exactly the same as the Studio 54 logo. Which was nice. Nice one, Paul. 

What will also be nice is a packed Sidewinder, pumping out 70s and 80s disco classics - a time, let's remember, when classics were like, actual classics. We've got pyrotechnic confetti delivery systems and all the glitter you can handle. It's so authentic you might be forgiven for thinking you just saw Grace Jones go by in the buff, on a horse. We don't think she's coming, though.

So come on down to the Sidewinder to see in 2018, and start the new year as you mean to go on. It's FREE!